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The tender MMC/T-NSC-07/0618 for procurement of three phase fully automatic three position test bench with reference standard meter with accuracy class of 80 ppm is cancelled. New
All registered vendors are requested to update & submit mandatory GST registration details in their vendor registration profile and take approval of MSEDCL to participate in MMC Tender. New
Please note the MSEDCL GSTIN Number is 27AAECM2933K1ZB.
1) All vendors are requested to go through the revised Condition of Tender and Supply before bidding. New
2) Govt., Semi-Govt,M.S.E.& NSIC are exempted from payment of Tender fees & EMD for the approved items only. New
3) The PBG of Rs. 10 Lakhs is discontinued for EMD and S.D. exemption New
4) The EMD shall be paid by demand draft in favor of MSEDCL, Mumbai till further notice. New
5) All vendors are requested to mention the correct name of digital signature holder in the vendor registration details, as per their digital certificate name in the class-III token only & get their class-III Digital signature key validated from any of the certifying authority licensed from Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) before expiry of the same.
6) All vendors are requested to check & renew the validity of their vendor registration prior to the expiry date.
7) MSEDCL shall not be responsible for Non-submission of any of the Bids (Techno Commercial Bid, Deviation Bid, Price Bid, Annexure-C-1) by vendors due to expired/Invalid Digital signature & expired vendor registration. New
Todays Top Tenders
Tender Number MMC/T-NSC-03/0418 (AMENDMENT-5)
Description Of Material Supply, installation and FMS activity for LTAC Single Phase 10-60 A Smart (Postpaid/Prepaid) Static Energy Meter.
Estimated Cost inclusive of GST [in Rupees in Lakhs ] 16252
Total Tender Fee Amount including GST in Rs. 29500.0
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Tender Number MMC/T-NSC-12/1018 (AMENDMENT-2)
Description Of Material Three Phase Four Wire CTPT operated 5A Fully Static AMR Compatible 4 Quadrant TOD Tri-Vector Energy Meter with availability based tariff (ABT) feature.
Estimated Cost inclusive of GST [in Rupees in Lakhs ] 147.15
Total Tender Fee Amount including GST in Rs. 5900.0
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Tender Number MMC/T-NSC-14/1018
Description Of Material LTAC Single Phase 5-30 A Static Energy Meter with 6 LoWPAN based internal Low Power Radio Frequency connectivity for Communication with and without enclosure.
Estimated Cost inclusive of GST [in Rupees in Lakhs ] 2058
Total Tender Fee Amount including GST in Rs. 29500.0
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